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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monkeytown Mashup: Margie Schnibbe + Vena Virago

Monkeytown Third Annual Porn Week:
Sunday, December 17 through Saturday, December 23

I'm really blown away that Monkeytown in Williamsburg has included my works in their third annual porn week. The overall theme of the three-part program is "art influenced by porn and porn influenced by art". Sam Zimmerman has done an amazing job in putting together (and editing) this week long event.

Monkeytown is a unique experiemental screening venue with great food, four giant screens and super comfy couches. I don't believe there's any other place quite like it! (It's also very expensive to run a show like that and they need your support)

Check out the program/schedule and go see the show!
Monkeytown Third Porn

An excerpt from the Monkeytown site about Vena Virago program:
This (very explicit) program turns porn films inside-out, simultaneously revealing front and back of camera, makeup on and off, the art before the action. Featuring Silverlake Scenesters, porn star pets, bondage bunnies, op-art, 'zines and behind-the-scenes.

2-channel immersion curated and edited by Sam Zimmerman.

Includes new animations by Adam Kendall, Motomichi Nakamura and Sam Zimmerman based on original designs by Margie Schnibbe and Tom Bliss.

BTW- The program also includes excerpts from my new (soon-to-be-released) Vivid Alt movie Eastside Story!


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