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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Monkeytown Exhibit Clip



Clip from Monkeytown Mashup: Margie Schnibbe + Vena Virago
December 17, 19 and 22nd 2006

Mashup of Rebeca Linares/Tyler Knight Scene from Vena Virago's Eastside Story (VividAlt January 2007)
with original Artwork by Margie Schnibbe
and animations by Adam Kendall, Motomichi Nakamura and Sam Zimmerman

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monkeytown Mashup: Margie Schnibbe + Vena Virago

Monkeytown Third Annual Porn Week:
Sunday, December 17 through Saturday, December 23

I'm really blown away that Monkeytown in Williamsburg has included my works in their third annual porn week. The overall theme of the three-part program is "art influenced by porn and porn influenced by art". Sam Zimmerman has done an amazing job in putting together (and editing) this week long event.

Monkeytown is a unique experiemental screening venue with great food, four giant screens and super comfy couches. I don't believe there's any other place quite like it! (It's also very expensive to run a show like that and they need your support)

Check out the program/schedule and go see the show!
Monkeytown Third Porn

An excerpt from the Monkeytown site about Vena Virago program:
This (very explicit) program turns porn films inside-out, simultaneously revealing front and back of camera, makeup on and off, the art before the action. Featuring Silverlake Scenesters, porn star pets, bondage bunnies, op-art, 'zines and behind-the-scenes.

2-channel immersion curated and edited by Sam Zimmerman.

Includes new animations by Adam Kendall, Motomichi Nakamura and Sam Zimmerman based on original designs by Margie Schnibbe and Tom Bliss.

BTW- The program also includes excerpts from my new (soon-to-be-released) Vivid Alt movie Eastside Story!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Real Live Scenesters at the Cha Cha Lounge